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15 Best Countries To Do Business In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The African continent is buzzing with potential. Rich in natural resources, a hardworking population, and huge gaps and opportunities for anyone who wants to succeed in business. Yes there are challenges, but there is also huge potential for growth in almost any sector. Based on Forbes‘ list, we have compiled Africa’s top countries for business.

Rwanda Registers Fastest-Growing Economy in Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda's general economic environment was characterised by several upward and downward spirals that were nonetheless kept within control limits. Growth and development was normal, but most importantly, Rwanda maintained its position as a leading investment-friendly destination in Africa.

Trade Among African Countries Essential to Sustainable Growth

AFRICANGLOBE - Marking Africa Industrialization Day, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today flagged the role that trade among African countries play in achieving sustainable, inclusive and equitable growth...

With Impressive Growth, Half Of Africa Now Middle Income

AFRICANGLOBE - Out of the all the countries in Africa, nearly half of them are considered middle-income countries based on the per capita income of their citizenry—a number that grows with each year as the African continent continues to be the second fastest growing region in the world behind Asia.

Ethiopia Sees Economic Growth at 11%

Ethiopia's economy is expected to maintain a growth rate of 11 percent in 2012/2013, newly-appointed premier Hailemariam Desalegn said on Tuesday, predicting a slump...

Transport ‘A Pillar of African Growth’

The African continent needs an efficient transport system to help it achieve its growth and development objectives, says South Africa's Transport Minister Ben Martins. "There...

Uganda Leads Africa in Tourism Growth

Uganda is now ranked top in tourism industry growth in Africa, the secretary of tourism in the Kenya ministry of tourism, Dr. Nelson Githinji...

Nigeria: The World’s Next Economic Giant

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes. Peter Drucker Peter Drucker the management expert in...

African Growth ‘Depends On Inclusion’

African countries will have to create more equitable and inclusive societies, especially in terms of education and spatial urban planning, if they are to...

Ethiopia’s Ruling Party Discusses Growth Targets

Ethiopia's ruling party, Ethiopian People's Revolutionary democratic Front (EPRDF) Tuesday called for an extraordinary session, to review the state of the economy amid indications...

Nigeria World’s Next Economic Giant Says Obama

United States President Barack Obama has declared Nigeria as the world's next economic success story, stressing that this was one of the major reasons...

World Bank Warns Rwanda On Economic Growth

The World Bank has warned that Rwanda's economic growth could be hurt by external risks like low commodity and mineral prices; and the Euro...

Slow Growth in U.S, Eurozone Threatens Nigeria’s Export

The linkage that exists in international trade has put Nigeria at the receiving end of the current economic misfortunes of its trading partners in...

Will Uganda’s Underfunding Effect Its Technological Growth?

The Ugandan government needs to get with the times if it is to avoid falling behind in the region’s ICT revolution, as it broke...

Stability Brings Growth to Zimbabwe’s Tourism Sector

Zimbabwe's tourism sector has picked up as Tourist visits have increased by 18 percent to 346,299 in the first quarter of this year from...

Zambia Targets Increased Copper Production

Zambia is set to produce 1.5 million tonnes of copper per annum and become the world's fifth top copper producer by 2015 due to...