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How The Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Exposed China’s Ugly Face

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa was supposed to be China’s new stomping grounds. Instead, the Wuhan coronavirus has spawned a growing backlash that threatens to unwind the ties Beijing has carefully cultivated over decades. The trigger for the burgeoning diplomatic crisis: Anger over the treatment of African citizens living in China.

Why African Traders Are Fleeing Guangzhou, China’s “Chocolate City”

AFRICANGLOBE - It was reported by a 2008 Wikileaks cable that the local Chinese authorities had long been “extremely concerned” about the “visible” African population in Guangzhou. “Many Chinese residents do not want to live in “Africa Town” due to “differences” ranging from “culture to lifestyle to hygiene,” an American diplomat wrote to Washington, citing research commissioned by the local authorities.

A Thriving African Neighborhood In Southern China

China and Africa have become major trading partners in recent years. Chinese companies have made a big push into Africa seeking raw materials like...