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New Jersey Man Who Has No Use Of His Arms Charged...

AFRICANGLOBE - This seems like a little bit of overreach by Trenton, New Jersey prosecutors. A man who is unable to use his arms after a spinal chord injury has been charged with gun possession. Defense lawyer Caroline Turner said the case against Hubbard, who injured his spine in a car accident and may have Lou Gehrig's disease, "shocks the conscience."

Revenge? Man Who Filmed NYPD Strangling Eric Garner Arrested For Gun...

AFRICANGLOBE - A man who captured video of the fatal strangulation of Eric Garner by officers belonging to the NYPD was arrested Saturday night on gun possession charges at a Staten Island hotel, according to a law enforcement official.

George Zimmerman’s Lawyer To Speak At Gun Rights Conference

If you were on George Zimmerman's lawyer, wouldn't you want to stay away from people who celebrate gun possession at least until after your...