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Zambia: I Will Not Resign, Declares Guy Scott

AFRICANGLOBE - Zambia's embattled Acting President Guy Scott has claimed that his colleagues have no powers to remove him. In a statement reacting to the demands calling for his immediate removal or resignation, Scott has refused to yield to the demands of Cabinet Ministers.

Zambia: Illegal White President Removed From Position In Ruling Party

AFRICANGLOBE - The drama concerning the leadership of Zambia's current ruling party and its selection of a presidential candidate took an unexpected turn on Tuesday night, as an emergency meeting by the party's Central Committee voted to remove Acting President Guy Scott as the party's Vice President.

Zambia: Army Gives Guy Scott Ultimatum To Cede Power

AFRICANGLOBE - Zambia's defence force has allegedly given illegal White president Guy Scott up to Thursday to cede power or be forcibly removed from. "The country has been embarrassed enough by these guys and the army will do us proud by managing the affairs for the next 60 days," one source said.

Power Struggle In Zambia Intensifies: White President Suspended

AFRICANGLOBE - A struggle over who will succeed the late President Michael Sata of Zambia intensified on Friday when members of the governing Patriotic Front's central committee suspended White president Guy Scott for “unconstitutional conduct and for abrogating the party constitution.” Scott was also accused of influencing the news media to further his cause.

Foreigners Trying To Fix Zambian Elections

AFRICANGLOBE - A group of wealthy South African mining interests and an arms dealer have been secretly aiming to exert their influence to fix the upcoming presidential by-election in Zambia, according to an article published this week in African Confidential.

Zambia: Opposition To Illegal White President Growing

AFRICANGLOBE - Zambian MPs are amazed that illegal White President, Guy Scott, is engaging in numerous illegal and unconstitutional acts by attempting to rule by decree and threats. Guy Scott assigned himself the position of the secretary general of the ruling party and was organising the general conference.

Zambian Parliamentarians Demand Illegal White President Be Deported

AFRICANGLOBE - Guy Scott had breached the constitution by allegedly usurping the powers from Secretary General Edgar Lungu to act as President and deserved to be sent back to Scotland.

Guy Scott Has Insulted The Culture Of Zambians – Edgar Lungu

AFRICANGLOBE - The action by Guy Scott to illegally assume the office of president and to pretend to perform such functions in the absence of the harmonization of this constitutional conflict is promoting disharmony in Zambia.

More Riots Erupt In Zambia Against Illegal White President

AFRICANGLOBE - Police and demonstrators clashed late Monday in protests against president Guy Scott, a White Zambian who was appointed President after the death of Michael Sata. Protester Mary Tembo earlier said Guy Scott, the acting president, was causing confusion. She urged him to "go back to Scotland," saying Zambians want to mourn their president in peace.

Zambians Protest Against “Illegal” White President

AFRICANGLOBE - Hundreds of Patriotic Front cadres on Thursday took to the streets demonstrating against Zambia's Cabinet decision to appoint Guy Scott as acting President.

Africa Gets It’s First White President Since Apartheid

AFRICANGLOBE - Zambia's Guy Scott became Africa's first White president on Wednesday after the president, Michael Sata, died under mysterious circumstances in a London hospital. Guy Scott will be the first White leader since South Africa's F.W. de Klerk lost to Nelson Mandela in the 1994 election that ended apartheid

I Hate South Africans Says Zambia’s White Vice President Guy Scott

AFRICANGLOBE - Guy Scott, the White Vice-President of Zambia, made some chilling and damaging statements when he was interviewed by a foreign journalist openly saying he hates South Africans.The 68-year-old was just back from Margaret Thatcher's funeral in London when he

Colonial Creep: Zambia Gets White Vice President

Zambia has taken ten steps backwards yesterday when its newly elected president Michael Sata named his 19-member cabinet which included a white vice president Guy Scott.