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Haiti: The Myth Of White Superiority, Poverty Pimping NGOs And “Humanitarian”...

AFRICANGLOBE - The children are dying, Haiti is dying. Dying from the hidden US occupation behind UN mercenary guns, dying from cholera, dying from Clorox hunger, drought, hurricanes, earthquake evictions, dying in hopelessness and despair, while in Petionville the cultural genocide has been worse than when that butcher, Franklin D. Roosevelt, violated Haiti – a man who was, ironically, so loved in America for his so-called New Deal egalitarian ideals “to make a country in which no one is left out.”

Jean Bertrand Aristide Prevented From Leaving Haiti

AFRICANGLOBE - Former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide is being prohibited from leaving Haiti as law enforcement authorities probe false allegations of corruption, misappropriation of public funds and drug trafficking during his 2001-4 presidency, immigration officials have confirmed.

When Will The UN Pay For Its Crimes In Haiti? When...

AFRICANGLOBE - Since 2010 the UN has been dodging responsibility for a cholera outbreak that has killed 8,500 Haitians and sickened more than 700,000. Nepalese soldiers with the UN “peacekeeping” forces caused the outbreak by allowing their sewage to leak into Haiti’s largest river. According to the UN itself, cholera could kill 2,000 more people in 2014.

Carnival Cruise Lines Sign Deal With Haiti To Build New Port

AFRICANGLOBE - Haiti says it has signed a multi-million dollar agreement with the US-based Carnival Cruise Lines to build a tourism port on the island of Latortue, north of here. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe said the US$70 million project will help improve the lives of the estimated 36,000 people residing in the area.

Prostitution – The Downside Of The UN Presence In Uganda

AFRICANGLOBE - Prostitution is rampant in Entebbe with UN personnel providing much of the demand and young Nigerian girls being the supply. But the root cause remains youth unemployment.

Events In Venezuela Could Affect Haiti’s Economic Growth – IMF

AFRICANGLOBE - The International Monetary Fund says Haiti’s dependence on remittances and its increasing vulnerability to developments in Venezuela could affect the French-speaking Caribbean Community’s economic growth in 2014.

OAS Insider Reveals Details Of Illegal Foreign Intervention Against Haitian Democracy

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2010, a secret “core group” of foreign dignitaries sought to force the president of Haiti out of office in a coup. They also engineered an intervention in Haiti’s presidential elections that year that ensured that the governing party’s candidate would not proceed to a runoff.

On Whose Side Is The Haitian Government?

AFRICANGLOBE - The Haitian Government is drowning the important denationalisation issue in a slew of comparatively trifling matters — like the lifting of the restriction on the importation of poultry from the Dominican Republic

Cradle Of Black Pride: Haiti Vs. The Dominican Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - Haiti is often described as a cradle of Black pride in the Americas, so as we celebrate, lets take a minute to reflect on the country's importance. When it gained independence in 1804, Haiti was the first independent nation of Latin America and the Caribbean. But beyond that, it became the only nation in the world established as the result of a successful slave revolt, as well as the second republic in the Americas.

Haiti: UN Soldiers Still Not Screened For Cholera Despite Causing Outbreak

AFRICANGLOBE - It has been four years since an earthquake devastated the small country of Haiti. More than three years have elapsed since a U.N. peacekeeping unit from Nepal introduced cholera to Haiti. Despite telling CNN otherwise, the U.N. is not taking steps to ensure its peacekeepers do not carry cholera from country to country.

Guyana And Haiti To Lead Caribbean Growth In 2014

AFRICANGLOBE - Guyana and Haiti are expected to lead the economic growth among countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the recently released United Nations’ annual World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) report 2014. It said that both Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries are projecting to have economic growth of 4.5 per cent this year,

USAID Funds In Haiti Still Unaccounted For

AFRICANGLOBE - From what is known of U.S. post-earthquake funding to Haiti, it appears that a notably small proportion of money from USAID, the county’s main foreign aid arm, is going directly to local Haitian businesses, institutions and organisations. Even though the United States offered three billion dollars in aid for Haiti after the earthquake, less than one percent of the 1.3 billion dollars in obligated USAID funds – money designated specifically for Haitian recovery efforts – has gone directly to local Haitian groups.

Haiti, Dominican Republic To Discuss Racist Dominican Court Ruling

AFRICANGLOBE - Haiti and the Dominican Republic will meet next month in an effort to resolve questions over a widely debated court decision that could render thousands of Dominicans of Haitian ancestry stateless, Haiti's foreign minister said Thursday.

Dominican Republic Cancels Meeting With Haiti; Accuses Caricom Of Interference

AFRICANGLOBE - The Dominican Republic says it will no longer meet with Haitian officials to talk about an illegal court ruling that could strip Dominican citizens of Haitian heritage living in the country of their Dominican citizenship.

UN Peacekeeping Troops Blamed for Cholera Outbreak – Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) should be held accountable for the outbreak of Cholera that has killed more than 7,000 people since October 2010, according to a new report released here.

American Man Gets 165 Years In Jail For Child Sex Abuse...

AFRICANGLOBE - For 15 years, Matthew Carter, under the guise of serving as an international humanitarian, sexually abused more than 50 Haitian children,” the acting assistant attorney general said in a statement.