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Forced Deportation Of Haitians: Are Dominicans Racists?

AFRICANGLOBE - Anti-Haitian sentiments are common in the Dominican Republic and Haitians have always been used as a scape goat for all the country’s social and economic problems. Over the past couple of weeks, the Dominican government has been rounding up Haitians, placing them in boats and dumping them on the shores of Haiti. In many cases Haitian officials are not even informed about the arrivals. This is a human tragedy.

Catholic School Sued for Sexual Abuse of Haitian Children

A former pupil of a Catholic school for disadvantaged youth in Cap-Haitien, Haiti has joined 22 other former students in filing a lawsuit against...

Pakistani Muslim Troops Convicted of Raping Haitian Children

Two Pakistani United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti have been sentenced to a paltry year in prison with hard labor after a rare trial found...