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Viola Davis: Most Roles Offered To Black Actresses Are “Mammy-Ish”

AFRICANGLOBE - Viola Davis says she's tired of being offered roles that she describes as "downtrodden" or "mammy-ish." In an interview with The New York Times Magazine, the How to Get Away with Murder star says there simply aren't enough meaty roles being offered to Black women in Hollywood

Halle Berry Developing ‘Hannibal’ Miniseries For History

AFRICANGLOBE - History Channel is developing a Hannibal miniseries with Halle Berry. The series, a co-production by A&E Studios and Red Arrow Entertainment, "will tell the story of the greatest generals in antiquity -- Hannibal Barca and his archrival Scipio Africanus -- who went head-to-head in the Second Punic

Spike Lee: Help Me Make My Next Movie

AFRICANGLOBE - Today Spike Lee is asking his fans for help to make his next film. His latest feature, due out October 25, is an American remake of the violent Korean film “Oldboy” starring Josh Brolin and Samuel L. Jackson. Lee wants to do a new film and he’s joined Kickstarter to ask for funding assistance.

Black America: To be Controlled or To Take Control?

Not too long ago, Denzel Washington won the Oscar for “Training Day” as a rogue cop, but not for Malcolm X or Hurricane where arguments could easily be...