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Understanding Somali Piracy On Land And Sea

AFRICANGLOBE - While many are celebrating the decline of Somali piracy, its root causes must be understood and addressed if progress is to be lasting. Since its explosion in 2007, Somali piracy has become one more reason for the negative news coverage Somalia has been receiving the past two decades. However this year has been a turning point in the fight against piracy and many are celebrating the decline in the number of attacks as the end of the phenomenon.

Is Poverty a Choice?

Being broke is a choice; poverty is not. What’s the difference? Being broke means finding yourself incapable to support your lifestyle, despite the fact that you...

Journalist Beaten After Preventing Islamist Savage From Amputating Man’s Arm in...

A Malian radio presenter is in "intense pain" in hospital in Gao on after a severe beating by Arab terrorists who control the northern...

Does President Obama Take African Americans for Granted?

When President Obama doesn’t want to do something, he pleads the limits of presidential power or resistance from Republicans. But, when a novel move...

Does The Jim Crow Law Still Exist In Grand Rapids, Michigan?

Professor Michelle Alexander's book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, is where she argues that a once abolished Jim Crow Law still exists by way of its being redesigned and implemented by the Justice System.

Non-Black Businesses Discriminate Against Dark Skin Workers in Jamaica

A hundred and seventy-seven years after slavery was abolished in the British West Indies, Jamaica's national training agency - HEART Trust - still has to deal with colour-prejudiced employers who are requesting that trainees be brown or light-skinned as a prerequisite for employment in their firms.

Aspire To Get Out Of Living Hand-To-Mouth

AFRICANGLOBE - Some people cannot sit still until they have spent all their money. Well, they should know they are going to be bound by employment forever if they go on like that. For those who aspire to condemn themselves to a less than desirable financial situation, living one pay-cheque away from poverty can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Chicago Cops Shoot 13-Year-Old Boy, Eight Times

An independent police review board is investigating the Monday night shooting of a young teen by Chicago Police officers. The youth, 13-year-old honor student Jimmell Cannon, was shot by officers who said they believed he matched the description of a person involved in a shooting near the 4300 block of W. Walton, authorities said.

Anglo American – Homegrown Exploitation Gone Global

In reality, nowhere in the world has a mining company been able to properly manage the full external impacts of its activities. If this were possible, the mineral extraction industry would have a benign reputation. Instead it is more accurately and correctly seen as socially and environmentally exploitative, despite the vast amounts spent on PR spin and green-wash.

G8 Disappoints Sub-Saharan Africa

  This year's G8 summit in Deauville wasn't just about the eight most industrialised countries which make up the group. For the first time, the...