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Are Zimbabweans Missing The Mugabe Years?

AFRICANGLOBE - While it's unlikely that many Zimbabweans yearn for former ruler Robert Mugabe's return, the occasion of his 95th birthday on Thursday has led some to see him in a softer more nostalgic light.

Zimbabwe: Africa’s Best-Kept Secret? – A Must Read

AFRICANGLOBE - I don’t know what I was expecting when I arrived in Zimbabwe. It certainly wasn’t to land in the most developed country I had ever visited in Africa aside from South Africa (and I have been in quite a few countries throughout the continent). After years of hearing bad things about Zimbabwe, I was surprised not to find a more desolate and dangerous place.

‘Zimbabwe’s Economy Set To Recover’

AFRICANGOBE - The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has set the tone for economic recovery after unveiling a set of financial sector policies which are meant to...

Zimbabwe Has All The Elements Of A Healthy Economy

AFRICANGLOBE - I have visited Zimbabwe more than 44 times in the past 18 months and what I see is different from what the media is reporting. The reality is that the country has...

Zimbabwe: The Sweet Business of Harare’s Airport Road

AFRICANGLOBE - As part of a deal that Harare city council signed for the construction of a highway to the airport, the city is having to expand so it can award new land to the contractors.

Zimbabwe’s Economy On Recovery Path

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe's Finance Minister says his country’s economy is on the path to recovery after decades of decline and will meet all its financial obligations for this year. . Cars speed along in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital city. The formation of a coalition government in 2009 by President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has led to the sound of constant activity in the city.

Firestorm Over Robert Mugabe’s Comments About Jamaica

Jamaica House was last night yet to comment formally on unflattering comments attributed to President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe about Jamaican culture at a...

Zimbabwe’s Real Estate Sector Set to Grow

Zimbabwe's real estate sector is expected to register a boom in the event of a lasting political solution from the fractious inclusive government formed...