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Brooklyn The New Center Of Black Political Power In New York...

AFRICANGLOBE - Brooklyn has the buzz, Barclays Center and — when it comes to Black politics — it now has the power. In this city election cycle, the borough produced the “firsts” for the city’s Black politicians — making it clear that Brooklyn has definitively displaced Harlem as the seat of the city’s Black political establishment.

Black Churches Struggle as Black Residents are Pushed Out of Harlem

AFRICANGLOBE - “Your tithers are your people who really keep your church going as a whole,” said the Rev. Dr. Charles A. Curtis, the senior pastor at Mount Olivet Baptist Church and the chairman of Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement. “With the drop in Harlem's Black population,” he said, “you have less people to tithe.”

Gentrification Moving More Blacks from Cities

For the better part of three decades, Sikhulu Shange tirelessly labored within the often challenging confines of the only home he's known since arriving in...