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Rwanda: ‘We Are On the Right Path,’ Kagame

AFRICANGLOBE - It is undeniable that Rwanda has made and continues to make tremendous progress, President Paul Kagame said on Monday afternoon in the parliament while giving his State of the Nation address.

Doctor: George Zimmerman Suffered No Serious Head Trauma

George Zimmerman suffered two minor cuts to his scalp but no serious head trauma during his fatal confrontation with Trayvon Martin, according to his...

The Ancestors of the Head of Britain’s Olympic Organising Comitte Sexually...

The head of the London 2011 Olympics Lord Coe, has discovered that his ancestor sexually abused enslaved women in Jamaica and fathered children as a result.

Today's Struggle is About Development – Kagame

President Paul Kagame, yesterday, said that while 17 years after the Liberation war, the Rwandan people enjoy, peace, unity and reconciliation, the struggle continues. However, the President added that new frontline does not involve arms, but actions that lead to development.