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Five Reasons Why The United States Can’t Beat China In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - There are at least five reasons why the United States can’t beat China in Africa. This “pivot” to Africa is being driven in no small part by a desire to counter China’s growing influence on the continent. Indeed, President Obama nearly said as much himself.

Africa: From Dependency To Growth And Development

AFRICANGLOBE - First and foremost, Africans and their leaders need to recognize that development is generated from within, not from without. However, development partners should extend to Africa a helping hand through untied and predictable aid

How to Invest in Africa’s Infrastructure

The African Development Bank (AfDB) wants SADC countries to put five percent of their monetary reserve towards the establishment of an infrastructure bond that...

East African Presidents Meet To Push For Single Currency

AFRICANGLOBE - The push for adoption of a single currency for the East Africa Community could be overshadowed by regional politics at Wednesday's Heads of State meeting in Burundi's capital, Bujumbura.