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Congo Bans Chinese Medicine

AFRICANGLOBE - Health authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have slapped a ban on Chinese hospitals and physicians practicing traditional Chinese medicine, citing "non-compliance with local health regulations".

Ivory Coast Bans Skin Bleaching Creams

AFRICANGLOBE- Ivory Coast has banned skin whitening creams, which are widely used in west Africa, because of fears they cause lasting damage to health, the health ministry said Wednesday. "Cosmetic lightening and hygiene creams... that de-pigment the skin... are now forbidden," the ministry said in a statement.

Israel Launch Investigation Into Secret Program That Sterilized Ethiopian Jews

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel's health ministry is to investigate why long acting contraceptive injections were secretly forced on Ethiopian immigrant women. A new committee will look into allegations that this was done in a deliberate attempt to reduce births in the Ethiopian Israeli community.

Reduction in Cholera Cases in Haiti

A U.S.-based health group in Haiti says it saw a huge drop in the number of patients seeking treatment for cholera in the Caribbean country.