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Take This Quiz On The State Of African-American Health & Fitness

AFRICANGLOBE - Has having a Black man in the White House trickled down and improved economics, fitness and health for the 44.5 million African-Americans? Think you know the answer to these questions? Then challenge yourself with my African-American health and fitness quiz.

Health Gap Narrows Between Developed and Poor Countries

AFRICANGLOBE - Significant progress has been made in improving health in the poorest countries, narrowing the gap between nations with the best and worst health status in the past two decades, World Health Organisation (WHO) 2013 statistics indicate.

Sudan To Seek Advanced Weaponry To Counter-Attack Israel – Bashir

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudan's president and wanted war criminal Omer Al-Bashir has revealed that his country will seek to acquire "advanced" attack weaponry to answer repeated Israeli attacks "tit for tat."

Health Conditions Deteriorating in Darfur Camps

Displaced persons from camps in Central and West Darfur have complained about diseases, such as malaria, diarrhea and abdominal pain spreading rapidly. In addition,...

Growing Fears over the Health of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Fears are growing for the health of Ethiopian prime minister Meles Zenawi who is being treated in hospital in Belgium having failed to appear...

Haiti Launches Anti-Cholera Vaccination Campaign

The Haitian government along with international partners including the World Health Organization launched a cholera vaccination campaign on Saturday targeting 100,000 people in vulnerable areas of the impoverished...