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Racism Is Making The Wuhan Coronavirus Worse Among Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - “Long before COVID-19, Black communities were experiencing deep health and economic inequities that are only intensified by a public health crisis of this magnitude.” The COVID-19 global pandemic is a nightmare unfolding before our eyes that could have devastating impacts that Black Americans could feel most acutely. With scarce testing, health care workers and ventilators there are signs that Black communities across the country are bearing the brunt  of an inept federal response.

The Invisible Trump Plan – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Obamacare, as it is called by Trump  and his base of ku Klux klansmen, white supremacists, skinheads and neo-nazis, want to repeal, replace and destroy everything Obama accomplished in his eight years as US President. They don’t want to repeal the ACA because it is a bad health plan, they want to repeal the plan because a Black President fought to get it implemented and won the Congressional battle!