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11 Of The Most Stunning Aerial Safaris In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Take a helicopter, hot air balloon or scenic flight over Africa's desert, plains and thundering falls for unforgettable views of the iconic destinations.

Chinese and Russian Weapons Fueling Government Atrocities in Darfur

Arms sales from China and Russia are fuelling serious human rights violations in Darfur, Amnesty International said today. These arms transfers highlight the urgent need...

Swedish Oil Company in South Sudan Abuses Probe

Civil society leaders in South Sudan are closely watching a legal battle unfolding in Sweden, as prosecutors investigate an oil company accused of involvement in massive human rights abuses here. James Ninrew vividly remembers the day Sudan's military attacked his community, which had the misfortune of living above vast oil reserves consigned to a consortium led by the Swedish oil giant, Lundin Oil.

UN: North Sudan Delayed Medical Flight for Dying Ethiopian Peacekeepers

The United Nations says three Ethiopian peacekeepers died while Sudan refused to allow them to be flown to a hospital.

Rooivalk gets its wings:South African made attack helicopter handed over to...

The South African developed attack support helicopter Rooivalk was officially handed over to the South African Air Force (SAAF) at a ceremony at the beginning of April 2011.