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Who Was the First Black President?

AFRICANGLOBE - Who was th first Black president? hat would be Barack Obama, right? While most of us have assumed this, and while this has been widely reported in the media, it turns out that this is not true. As a matter of fact, the first Black president in North America was a man named Vicente Guerrero, and he became the second president of the Republic of Mexico in 1829.

Henri Christophe Of Haiti: King Of The First Black Republic In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Little is known about Henri Christophe's (English: Henry Christopher ) childhood. A great number of commentators report that he was born on Grenada island, a small nation in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles, and was the son of a freeman. His father, also named Christophe, was reportedly transported from West Africa or Central West Africa to Saint Domingue, the former French colony now known as Haiti.