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French Soldier Killed In Northern Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - A French soldier has been killed while fighting terrorists in northern Mali's mountainous Iforhas region, Francois Hollande, France's president, has said. The dead serviceman was identified as Staff Sergeant Harold Vormezeele, a commando with the Second Foreign Parachute Regiment, an elite unit of the French Foreign Legion.

Winds of Change Blowing Across Francophone Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - More than two decades after France's President François Mitterrand predicted a season of revolutions after the fall of the Berlin Wall, new winds of change are blowing through Francophone Africa.

What is the Future of French Speaking Africa

As the influence of the French language declines and some turn to English, what is the place of France and La Francophonie in Africa? The...

France Snubs Congo’s President at Francophone Summit

The Francophone summit of French-speaking countries closed in Kinshasa on Sunday with a pledge to back the host country's territorial integrity but after French...