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Number Of Blacks Killed In Brazil Increases And Increases

AFRICANGLOBE - Every day, 154 people died on average homicide victims in Brazil in 2012. Altogether, there were 56,337 people who lost their lives killed, 7% more than in 2011. Data are from the Map of Violence 2014

Black Homicide Rate Prompts Warnings Black Men ‘Alarming’

AFRICANGLOBE - National studies have found that young Black males in Louisiana are 20 times more likely to be homicide victims by age 24 than other groups. Many young African-Americans waste their lives because they're not aware of the struggles of those who came before.

African-American Murder Rate in Missouri Highest in Nation

Murder rates for black people living in Missouri is the highest in the nation. The Violence Policy Center released new FBI data, based on 2009 figures, Wednesday. It shows the black murder rate in Missouri is 34 per 100,000 black residents.The Center says that's seven times the national average.