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Chicago Gun Violence Produce 500 Homicides in 2012

AFRICANGLOBE - Chicago's homicide total has broken 500 for the first time since 2008, an unfortunate statistic for a city that gone through its fair share of turmoil in 2012. The Chicago Police Department’s official homicide records list exactly 500 homicides this year with just one days left in December.

Interracial Murders on the Rise in America

The slaying of Trayvon Martin in Florida and the recent shooting spree of five Black persons  in Oklahoma are part of a broader, but...

African-American Murder Rate in Missouri Highest in Nation

Murder rates for black people living in Missouri is the highest in the nation. The Violence Policy Center released new FBI data, based on 2009 figures, Wednesday. It shows the black murder rate in Missouri is 34 per 100,000 black residents.The Center says that's seven times the national average.

British Institutions to Face Prosecution For Deaths in Their Custody

Police Forces, Prisons and youth detention centres in Britain will now face prosecution for “corporate homicide” if an individual dies in their custody as new laws comes into effect starting today.