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Homo Naledi: “I Am No Grandchild Of Any Ape, Monkey Or...

AFRICANGLOBE - "No one will dig old monkey bones to back up a theory that I was once a baboon," former Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi tweeted on Saturday. This led to a heated debate on Homo naledi, a supposedly new human ancestor discovered in South Africa.

“Homo Naledi” An Attempt To Link Black People To Baboons?

AFRICANGLOBE - Wits University researchers, led by Professor Lee Berger, yesterday unveiled Homo naledi – the latest addition to the human family tree – but skeptics including academic Dr. Mathole Motshekga, dismissed the discovery as insignificant. Speaking after the unveiling, Motshekga, claimed the findings were a crude attempt to link the ancestry of Black people to baboons. Homo naledi is just a “baboon”, Motshekga said.