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Why Should White Gods Listen To Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - We prayed desperately through the era of slavery and colonialism, and we have remained on our knees since. If it is change of leadership we have been praying for, a worse one seems to take over every time. Right now, we are the most wretched group of people on the face of the earth, not for lack of natural resources or trained manpower. Obviously, God is not a fool.

Where Did White People Come From?

AFRICANGLOBE - Last month it was reported that a team of scientists studying early homo sapiens in Europe had extracted DNA from the tooth of a male hunter-gatherer who lived in what is now the Asturias region of northern Spain around 7000 years ago. They drew some surprising conclusions from the analysis.

How Small Brains Doomed the Neanderthals

AFRICANGLOBE - Neanderthals lost out to Homo sapiens in the battle to survive because they were not clever enough to adapt. Europe was once dominated by Neanderthals, but they disappeared after modern man from Africa was thought to have emerged 60,000 years ago