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Homosexual Activists Bully Donnie McClurkin

The Machiavellian tactics of the homosexual activists is clearly seen here. They speak tolerance and acceptance, yet they attack, bully, and punish those with whom they disagree. Donnie McClurkin is the worst nightmare of the Gay agenda. The insistence of the gay agenda to ignore psychiatrists who factually state, there is no homosexual or lesbian gene, thus those who are trapped in the lifestyle, is due to a flawed orientation, not genealogy.

Jamaicans Mobilize Against Homosexual Activists to Protect Anti-Sodomy Law

AFRICANGLOBE - Just recently, one prominent clergyman shouted from his pulpit that he was prepared to die to ensure that Jamaica does not succumb to pressure from homosexual activists. Jamaicans have been standing firm against homosexual activists in recent days who are trying to...