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Ethiopia Anti-Sodomy Bill Expected To Pass Next Week

AFRICANGLOBE - In countries that are hardening anti-sodomy laws that affect their gay and lesbian citizens. Last week a bill was endorsed by Ethiopia’s Council of Ministers, making homosexual acts “unpardonable.” This bill is expected to pass quickly when it is brought to a vote next week.

Ugandan President Signs Anti-Homosexual Bill Into Law

AFRICANGLOBE - "This is the moment the world has been waiting for. We thank our president for taking such a bold move despite pressure from a section of foreign organisations. The law is for the good of Uganda, the current and the future generations."

Ugandan President Set To Sign New Law Against Homosexuality

AFRICANGLOBE - The president based his decision on a report by "medical experts", saying that "homosexuality is not genetic but a social behaviour". Museveni had said two weeks ago that he would only sign the bill after seeking the opinion of scientists.