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WikiLeaks: Top Secret Saudi Memo Reveals Iran Bombed South Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - Top secret Saudi documents published by Wikileaks Friday reveal intrigue surrounding politics in the Middle East, making claims about Iranian military involvement in South Sudan as well.

Egypt Ready To Re-Engage With Africa To Protect Its Interests

AFRICANGLOBE - After years of upheaval, Egypt is beginning to re-engage with Africa. The renewed attention is a matter of pride and self-interest. Uncomfortable with its decline on the world stage, Egypt aspires to use Africa to regain some prominence.

Has The America Been Outwitted In Egypt?

AFRICANGLOBE - In this drama, barely noticed by the American media, Uncle Sam’s keystone ally in the Arab world, Egypt, like Saudi Arabia, has largely turned its back on the Obama administration. As with so many of America’s former client states across the aptly named “arc of instability,” Egypt has undergone a tumultuous journey – from autocracy to democracy to a regurgitated form of military rule and repression, making its ally of four decades appear clueless.

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi On Brink Of Presidency As Egyptians Vote

AFRICANGLOBE - Egyptians voted on Monday in a presidential election expected to sweep former army chief Abdel Fatah al-Sisi into office, with supporters brushing aside concerns about human rights and hailing him as the strong leader the country needs.

Egypt Tourism Totally Collapsed, Changes Needed – Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - Egyptian Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou said on Saturday that the tourism sector is completely collapsed, pointing that he plans to make great changes in management to improve conditions.

Former Egyptian Dictator Hosni Mubarak Released From Prison

AFRICANGLOBE - Former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak has been released from prison, according to state television. The longtime autocrat was taken from Cairo's Tora prison by medical helicopter on Thursday, following a court ruling which ordered his release.

Egypt: Dictator Mubarak May Be Freed While Democrat Morsi Remains In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, who ruled Egypt for three decades before his ouster in 2011, could be released from prison this week, according to his lawyer and judicial sources.The army, he said, isn't even pretending to uphold revolutionary ideals and support the democratic process that Egyptians sought when they overthrew Mubarak two years ago.They're "not even going through the motions," he said.

Two Years, Two Revolutions: What is Really Going On in Egypt?

AFRICANGLOBE - For the people of Egypt, 2011 was a year of transition and a symbolic new beginning. The international community watched as months of violent protests in the streets of Cairo cracked the foundation of then-president, Hosni Mubarak’s 30 years of power.

Coup in Egypt Marks the End of America’s Illusions About Arab...

AFRICANGLOBE - There is one reason why the Obama Administration hasn’t attempted to stop or even condemn the coup in Egypt. Morsi’s removal may well empower forces that are more friendly to the U.S. than the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt Army Gives Mursi 48 Hours to Share Power

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt's armed forces handed Islamist President Mohamed Mursi a virtual ultimatum to share power on Monday, giving feuding politicians 48 hours to compromise or have the army impose its own road map for the country.

Arab Neocolonialism: Sudan Gives Egypt Two Million Square Meters of African...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi arrived in Khartoum today in his first visit since his election last June in the first free polls conducted after the demise of the regime of deposed leader Hosni Mubarak in February 2011.

Egypt: Alarm Over Call for Religious Police

AFRICANGLOBE - Many Egyptian viewers were horrified when preacher Hisham el-Ashry recently popped up on primetime television to say women must cover up for their own protection and advocated the introduction of religious police. That an obscure preacher could get publicity for such views was seen as another example of the confused political scene in Egypt since the revolt that toppled Hosni Mubarak gave birth to a cacophony of feuding voices.

Muslim Brotherhood Unleashes Bloody Crackdown in Cairo

AFRICANGLOBE - Muslim Brotherhood (MB) forces supporting Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Mursi are carrying out a bloody crackdown in Cairo. Amid intensifying mass protests...

African Youth Facing Severe Youth Unemployment

It may have one of the fastest growing economies in the world -- but if you're young and out of work in Africa, the...

Former Egyptian President Reportedly “Clinically Dead”

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was being kept alive on life support after suffering a stroke, as the two men vying to succeed him...

Pro-Revolution Forces in Egypt Plan Tahrir Million-Man March

A million-man march is expected to take place in the famous Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo today. The protest comes in light of popular...