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Kenya’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Thrives Despite Terror Attacks

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is thriving, despite a spate of terror attacks over the last few years, including one earlier last month which left hundreds dead and injured.

Shameful: Ugandan President Denied Hotel Room Because Of Homosexuality Stance

AFRICANGLOBE - Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was reportedly denied reservations at two hotels in the United States over his government's stance on homosexuality. According to Dallas Voices, a mouthpiece for the gay community in Dallas, Texas, gay activists in the area forced two hotels to cancel Yoweri Museveni's bookings.

How Jumia Is Adapting E-Retail To Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - "In Nigeria, we now have more than 500 motorbikes and trucks that deliver to our customers in the eight biggest cities of the country. Our delivery fleet is larger than UPS, Fedex and DHL in Nigeria. We own our call center, and we have our own IT team. We have our own online marketing team. Simply put, we believe we need to control the value chain from A-Z"