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Presidential Election – Finally, Nigeria Decides Today

AFRICANGLOBE - Today is the D-day! Nigerians are trooping out en-masse to elect the next Nigerian president, Senators and members of the House of Representatives for the next four years. As early as 7 am, eligible voters are expected to to be at their polling units for accreditation through the card reader to clear voters for the voting proper.

Libya Islamists Deploy Air Power Against Foes For First Time

AFRICANGLOBE - The "Dawn of Libya" Islamist militia on Tuesday carried out airstrikes – for the first time – on sites hosting forces loyal to Libya's House of Representatives, which convenes in the eastern city of Tobruk.

Goodbye Libya, Welcome To The Islamic Emirate Of Benghazi?

AFRICANGLOBE - Without an army or effective civil service to exert its authority, Libya's government has been relying on a hodgepodge of local militia groups to guard key institutions and to keep itself in nominal power. Unsurprisingly, this has proved an unreliable foundation on which to construct a new state: and it's already falling apart.

Return Nigeria’s Stolen Artefacts You British Thieves

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria's House of Representatives Thursday called on the British Parliament to intervene in Nigeria's efforts to get stolen Nigerian artefacts in various museums in the United Kingdom repatriated.

An Economics Lesson On Deficit And Debt

AFRICANGLOBE - In economics it is always useful to put numbers in a broader context. In the case of deficits, it is useful to compare them to the size of the economy—just as a $200 bet in a March Madness office pool looks different if you are Microsoft founder Bill Gates or an undergraduate intern in the office.

Parliament Threatens to Impeach Nigerian President

Goodluck Jonathan is blamed for poor execution of the budget, midway into the financial year. The ongoing face-off between the Nigerian Presidency and House of...

Letter From House of Representatives Urge Clemency for Troy Davis

More than 50 members of the House of Representatives signed a letter sent to Georgia’s State Board of Pardons and Paroles Monday, urging it to stop the scheduled execution Troy Anthony Davis and shift his sentence from death to life in prison.