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When The CIA Tried To Recruit The Wrong Black Psychologist

AFRICANGLOBE - In April 1978, Kemba Maish, a 33-year-old psychology professor at Howard University received a call from the CIA. Several calls actually, from an agent named Roy Savoy, who left a few messages on her machine. When Maish called back, the person who answered said, “Personnel, CIA.”

The Myth That There Are More Black Men In Prison Than...

AFRICANGLOBE - While the scary statistic was probably handy for creating some drama around the plight of Black men, it's not accurate, and probably never was. Repeating this false statement does far more harm than good.

Meet George Alcorn – Inventor Of The Imaging X-Ray Spectrometer

AFRICANGLOBE - Not many inventors have resumes as impressive as George Edward Alcorn's. Among his credits, the inventor received a B.A. in physics, a master's degree in nuclear physics and a Ph.D in atomic and molecular physics. On top of that, Alcorn worked for the likes of Philco-Ford, Perkin-Elmer, IBM and NASA, created over 20 different inventions and was granted eight patents.

Historically Black Colleges Becoming More White

AFRICANGLOBE - HBCU’s have always enrolled students of all races, but they are increasingly becoming less Black. At some, like Bluefield, Blacks now comprise less than half of the student body. At Lincoln University in Missouri, African-Americans account for 40 percent of enrollment while at Alabama’s Gadsden State Community College, 71 percent of the students are White and just 21 percent are Black.

Stokely Carmichael, A Philosopher Behind The Black Power Movement

AFRICANGLOBE - Before he became famous for calling on Black power for Black people, Stokely Carmichael was better known as a rising young community organizer in the civil rights movement. The tall, handsome philosophy major from Howard University spent summers in the South, working with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, known as SNCC, to get African-Americans in Alabama and Mississippi registered to vote in the face of tremendous, often violent resistance from segregationists.

Booming Entrepreneurship Among Black Women

AFRICANGLOBE - Since 1997, the number of African American woman-owned businesses has skyrocketed by more than 250 percent. Today there’s an estimated more than 1.1 million Black woman-owned businesses in existence, with an estimated $44.9 billion in revenue for 2013

Fellowshipping With Positive Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - It is always an immense pleasure to fellowship with positive Black people, a time when the “I just happen to be Black” types are totally absent. I recently had that experience at two events — attending the Ron Walters Legacy Conference at Howard University and lecturing on Harlem at the John Henrik Clarke House in the country’s most famous neighborhood.

Howard University Vice Chair: Howard Could Shut Down In Three Years

AFRICANGLOBE - In a letter sent to her fellow Howard University board of trustee members, vice chairwoman Renee Higginbotham-Brooks warned that without immediate changes to management and leadership, the school could shut down for good.

Black-Owned Banks Still Making a Difference

AFRICANGLOBE - When it opened, Industrial Bank was Washington’s only Black-owned bank. Jesse Mitchell, a 1907 Howard University Law School grad, started Industrial Bank of Washington in 1934. A range of Black investors – including individuals, churches, and service-oriented organizations – rallied around the effort.