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Chinese Investment Creates a New Global Manufacturing Hub in Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - Huajian Group and other investors are creating a shoe manufacturing cluster that is set to employ more than 100,000 Ethiopians over the next 10 years.

Chinese Firm Steps Up Investment In Ethiopia With ‘Shoe City’

AFRICANGLOBE - Huajian's vision to turn Ethiopia into the shoe manufacturing capital of the world is rapidly becoming a reality. Huajian plans to build a "shoe city", providing accommodation for up to 200,000 workers and factory space for other producers of footwear, handbags and accessories.

Ethiopia Aiming to Become Shoemaker To The World

AFRICANGLOBE - HELEN Hai, GM for overseas investment at Huajian Group, a leading Chinese footwear manufacturer, has a bold vision: in 10 years she wants Ethiopia to be a global hub for the shoe industry, supplying the African, European and American markets and providing jobs for more than 100,000 Ethiopians.

China Steps Up Production in Ethiopia With Drill Instructors and Investors

On arrival at Ethiopia's Eastern Industrial Zone, 36 young African factory workers in red track suits are parading military-style in the car park. "Welcome to Huajian,"...

Huajian of China’s Ethiopian Export Zone May Generate $4 Billion

Huajian Group, a Chinese shoe maker, plans to build a manufacturing zone in Ethiopia that may generate $4 billion of exports a year within...