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Crawling Back: EU Lifts Trade Sanctions On Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Union (EU) yesterday lifted trade sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe 12 years ago on false allegations of human rights abuses. The latest move will see the 28 member bloc open up aid accounts to the Southern African country.

Black Children As Young As Kindergarteners Getting Arrested Across The US:...

AFRICANGLOBE - Americans should take a long look in the mirror before criticizing other nations for human rights abuses. The law enforcement system in the United States ranks among the worst in the world in the cruel treatment meted out to its citizens.

U.S. Court Dismisses Nigeria Torture Case Against Shell

AFRICANGLOBE -The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit against the Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum Company brought human rights victims. The ruling, which was handed down Wednesday, is seen as a serious setback for the Ogoni community in the Niger Delta

Southern African States Aided Illegal CIA Renditions

AFRICANGLOBE - The shocking extent of the CIA's highly classified programme of secret detention and extraordinary rendition of terrorist suspects has finally been made laid bare by a remarkable report from the Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI).

Arab Terrorists Using Rape, Drug Money to Control Northern Mali

Arab terrorists who seized northern Mali earlier this year are maintaining their control through fear and drug money, imposing an extremist version of Muslim...

New Research Reveals Shell Paid Militants Who Destroyed Nigerian Towns

Shell fuelled human rights abuses in Nigeria by paying huge contracts to armed militants, according to a new report published by Platform and a coalition of NGOs.

British Firm Illegally Evicts 20,000 Ugandans From Their Land

The revelation is contained in a report, Land and Power, released on Thursday by British NGO Oxfam, which notes that speculators, pension funds and global agri-businesses from rich countries have been quietly acquiring large chunks of land in African countries such as Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia, leading to conflict, hunger and human rights abuses.