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Julius Malema Gets An Apology From Degenerate ANC Speaker

AFRICANGLOBE - The speaker of South Africa's national assembly, Baleka Mbete has apologised to opposition, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema after she called him a cockroach. Malema accepted the apology from Mbete, who doubles as the ruling ANC chairperson.

Mexico City Authorities Cover Up the Murder of Malcolm Latif Shabazz

Mexico City authorities are following the usual pattern in the case of Malcolm Latif Shabazz. To make it appear that justice is being done, they’ve jailed two waiters who may have participated in beating him to death. However Mexico City's government has refused to show the press a video revealing the way the young activist died.

Saudi Teenager, 86 Year-Old Man Divorce

AFRICANGLOBE - A divorce has been granted in the case of a Saudi teenager who was wed to a 70-year-old man, Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Commission said on Wednesday. The man was the focus of outrage this week when he said his bride's family fooled him into paying a $20,000 dowry but then took their daughter back. The commission said the two fought and she ran away, back to her family.