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West Papua: The Genocide That The World Is Ignoring

AFRICANGLOBE - If you need evidence that politicians and the mainstream media pick and choose which oppressive conflicts to cover in order to further geopolitical ambitions, you need only Google “West Papua.” Ever heard of it? Have you ever been sitting at home watching CNN, BBC, or Fox News and heard the news anchor mention West Papua?

Video Shows White Texas Cop Shooting Unarmed Man In The Back

AFRICANGLOBE - Newly released dashcam footage shows a Fort Worth police officer shooting a man in the back as he walked away. The victim was left a paraplegic. The footage shows the police vehicle driving into a parking lot. A man, David Collie, is seen in the car headlights slowing walking away. The officer is then seen on the left pulling out a gun, and the woman on the right, a sheriff’s deputy, holds up a flashlight.

Los Angeles To Pay 4 Million In Blood Money To Family...

AFRICANGLOBE - Attorneys for the city of Los Angeles have agreed to a $4-million payout to settle lawsuits filed by the family of an unarmed homeless man fatally shot last year by an LAPD officer in Venice, court records show. The tentative deal comes as prosecutors weigh whether to charge the officer, Clifford Proctor, in connection with the May 5, 2015, killing of Brendon Glenn. In a highly unusual move, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck recommended that prosecutors file criminal charges in the case.

Cop Who Murdered Keith Lamont Scott Will Not Be Charged

AFRICANGLOBE - Authorities in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, have decided not to charge the Charlotte police officer who shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott, 43, in September. The man's death prompted several days of protests that at times turned violent.

The Race War Continues: Chopper Footage Shows Tulsa Cops Executing Terence...

AFRICANGLOBE - Video footage released Monday showed Tulsa police executing an unarmed man on Friday night after he approached his SUV with his arms raised. In footage filmed from a police helicopter, Terence Crutcher, 40, can be seen slowly walking from the edge of a street north of Tulsa toward his vehicle.

Chicago Cop Murder Teen — Then Charge His Friend For The...

AFRICANGLOBE - A 23-year-old man is currently serving a jail sentence for his best friend’s murder, despite a Chicago police officer actually pulling the trigger. Alarmingly, Louis’ case is just one of many charged under the felony murder rule. Since 2011, Chicago police have successfully charged at least ten defendants for murder, despite the police officer on the scene actually doing the killing.

Brazil’s Police War Against Its Black Population

AFRICANGLOBE - The Brazilian police force is one of the deadliest in the world. Brazil’s population is 50 percent smaller than that of the United States, but the Brazilian police has killed more people in a recent five-year span than U.S. police killed in the last 30 years. 80 percent of those killed are young, Black and poor. Salvador da Bahia, the state capitol of Bahia and the third-largest city in Brazil, has the largest concentration of Black Brazilians in the country. “The numbers are equivalent to a country at war,”

95 Years Ago White Rioters Carried Out This Vile Terrorist Attack...

AFRICANGLOBE - The massacre came on the heels of the alleged assault of a white elevator operator by a Black man. The local white newspapers at the time flamed tensions, supposedly even calling for a “lynching,” but historical documents and research show that there was very likely no attack at all. However, the supposed assault was quickly used as an excuse to destroy the prosperous Greenwood neighborhood and all the Black citizens living there.

Far-right Senator Demands Vastly Larger U.S. Prison Population

AFRICANGLOBE - While there’s broad support for sweeping reforms, far-right opponents haven’t given up the fight to derail the prison reform initiative. In fact one right-wing senator argued recently that the United States doesn’t lock up nearly enough of its population.

American Slavery, Reinvented

AFRICANGLOBE - Didn’t the Thirteenth Amendment abolish all forms of slavery and involuntary servitude in this country? Not quite. In the shining promise of freedom that was the Thirteenth Amendment, a sharp exception was carved out. Convict leasing was cheaper than slavery, since farm owners and companies did not have to worry about the health of their workers. Angola’s farm operations and other similar prison industries have ancestral roots in the Black chattel slavery of the South.

Australian Politicians Urged To Take A Stand On West Papuan Independence

AFRICANGLOBE - It's not often that international issues feature in an Australian election campaign, but this year, activists for self-determination in West Papua hope that they can compel Australian candidates to make a stand on the issue of West Papuan independence from Indonesia.

Why Sudan’s Arab Spring is a Fantasy

Why has Sudan not yet witnessed a massive protest similar to those that toppled the dictatorial governments of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. What...