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Sudan Govt Forces Accused Of Gang Rape In Blue Nile State

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudanese government forces are gang raping teenage girls and women in government-held areas of Blue Nile state in a pattern of terror against civilians, a rights group said on Monday. "Entire communities are trapped in camp-like conditions behind government lines, terrorised by government forces," said Daniel Bekele.

Israel Illegally Forcing African Refugees To Leave

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel has come under fierce criticism from rights groups for its immigration policy and treatment of African asylum seekers, particularly over its Holot detention center where illegal immigrants can be held for up to a year. "Israeli officials say they want to make the lives of 'infiltrators' so miserable that they leave Israel,

African Immigrants In Libya Being Tortured

AFRICANGLOBE - Guards in migrant detention centers under Libyan government control have tortured and otherwise abused African migrants and asylum seekers, including with severe whippings, beatings, and electric shocks.

Ethiopia Launches Crackdown On Protesters

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian security forces should cease using excessive force against students peacefully protesting plans to extend the boundaries of the capital, Addis Ababa, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities should immediately release students and others arbitrarily arrested during the protests and investigate and hold accountable security officials who are responsible for abuses.

Israel Imprisoning African Asylum Seekers In Defiance Of High Court Order

AFRICANGLOBE - Israeli authorities are effectively detaining hundreds of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers despite an Israeli High Court order for their release. More than 150 of the migrants ignored the rules restricting their mobility and walked out of what they called an "open prison" in the Negev desert to march toward Jerusalem in protest.

Chad: Don’t Welcome a War Criminal – Sudanese Defense Minister Should...

AFRICANGLOBE - The government of Chad should arrest Abdelraheem Mohammed Hussein, the defense minister of Sudan, Human Rights Watch said today. He is expected to attend a conference in Chad on April 25 and 26, 2013, according to news reports.

Sudan: Outrage After Man’s Hand and Foot Amputated

AFRICANGLOBE - Sources in Sudan have reported that government doctors amputated a man's right hand and left foot by court order in Khartoum on February 14, 2013, in violation of the absolute prohibition on torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading punishments, four human rights groups said today.

Eritrea: Canadian Company Accused of Using Forced Labor In Mines

AFRICANGLOBE - The government of Eritrea and a Canadian company together constructed mines worth billions of dollars in Eritrea, using forced labor described as abusive by a Humans Rights Watch report. It is just the latest in a phenomenon that is seen across the African continent, as Western-based multinational corporations rake in billions using cheap labor to extract valuable minerals from the resource-rich African lands.

World Bank Must Address Human Impact of its Policies – HRW

AFRICANGLOBE - The World Bank should incorporate human rights in its revised policies as a key component of fulfilling its mission to eradicate poverty, Human Rights Watch and the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) said today.

The Continuing War Crimes in Eastern Congo

Like the rolling hills in the Kivu regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo, reports of violence in the area seem never-ending. Now Human...

How America Did Gaddafi’s Dirty Work

Buried in the filing cabinet of a Libyan intelligence chief, Human Rights Watch found evidence of collusion between Gaddafi's regime and the United States...

Egypt Should Free African Migrants Being Tortured in Sinai – HRW

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt should use its increased security force presence in the Sinai Peninsula to free hundreds of African migrants held for ransom and abused by human traffickers and other criminals. Security forces should detain, investigate, and prosecute the traffickers.

A Year Later, Libyan Militias Still Hold Thousands of Africans

The Libyan government should take immediate steps to assume custody of all of the roughly 5,000 detainees still held by Libyan militias. The Defense...

Angola Should Stop Abuse of Congolese Migrants

Angolan security forces frequently abuse irregular migrants during expulsions from Angola, including sexual violence and other degrading and inhuman treatment, Human Rights Watch said...

Civilians in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains Continue to Suffer Indiscriminate Govt Bombings

The Sudanese government forces are conducting indiscriminate bombings and abuses against civilians in the Nuba Mountains area of Southern Kordofan, Human Rights Watch said...

Arab Tuaregs Carrying Out Campaign of Mass Rape in Northern Mali

Increasing numbers of Malian women are being raped by Tuareg rebels and armed groups that have swept across the north of Mali since the...