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Newly Released Body Cam Video Shows Milwaukee Cops Gunning Down Teen...

AFRICANGLOBE - Jerry Smith Jr is a Black Milwaukee teen who was unarmed when he was shot by police. Jerry Smith Jr. was shot by Milwaukee Police in August of 2017 while unarmed. Smith, who was holding only a cell phone, is seen spreading his arms and going to the ground when police opened fire in a newly released body camera video.

Its His Fault: Alabama Cops New Explanation For Shooting Wrong Man

AFRICANGLOBE - Alabama police say a Black man mistaken for an active shooter during a mall shooting had "heightened the sense of threat" by drawing his own firearm after shots rang out. Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr, 21, had "brandished a gun" as police responded to Thursday's incident at the shopping centre near Birmingham, they said. Police initially said Mr Bradford, a US Army veteran, was the gunman, before backtracking on Friday. Police initially said Mr Bradford, a US Army veteran, was the gunman, before backtracking on Friday.

Brazil: Culprits Who Assassinated Black Activist Marielle Franco ‘Identified’

AFRICANGLOBE - The head of the investigation confirmed the assassination was carried out by paramilitary members with the "very likely" participation of politicians. Marielle Franco, an Afro-Brazilian councilwoman, who was critical of police violence and the right-wing government, was assassinated in Rio de Janeiro along with her driver Anderson Gomes the night of Mar. 14, two weeks after she was named a rapporteur in a special commission to monitor military intervention in Rio de Janeiro.

Pay The Arabs To Stop The Africans: EU Leaders Agree On...

AFRICANGLOBE - European Union leaders have agreed on a controversial plan to help stem the flow of African migrants from Libya this spring. At a summit in Malta, the bloc's leaders on Friday decided to give 200m euro ($215m) to Libya's unstable government to step up efforts to stop migrant boats in the country's territorial waters.

10 Examples Of The Horror In The CIA’s Secret Torture Chambers

AFRICANGLOBE - The Senate report into the CIA's secret torture programmes is clinical and unsparing. Over the course of a 480-page summary, it lays out in horrifying detail what was done to detainees in secret torture sites around the world. Here are some of the starkest examples.

US Votes Against UN Resolution Condemning Nazism

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States says it was one of three countries to vote against a U.N. resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism. The resolution entitled “Combating glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance,” was approved by the U.N.’s human rights committee on Friday with 131 in favor, 3 against.

Cop Who Murdered Sam DuBose Could Go Free After Mistrial Is...

AFRICANGLOBE - An Ohio judge declared a mistrial Saturday after jurors failed to reach a verdict in the trial of a white police officer charged with the murder of an unarmed Black motorist during a revenue stop. A hearing will be held November 28 to determine if the charges will be dropped or a new trial held.

NYPD Thug Shoots & kills 66-Year-Old ‘Emotionally Disturbed’ Woman

AFRICANGLOBE - An NYPD police officer shot and killed an “emotionally disturbed” 66-year-old woman, opting for his gun despite having a Taser. The woman was allegedly holding a baseball bat. The department says an investigation is under way.

FBI Director James Comey Rejects Notion Of Epidemic Of Police Violence...

AFRICANGLOBE - People who think police shootings are becoming a national epidemic "have no idea" what they're talking about because there currently is no federal data to indicate whether that's really the case, FBI Director James Comey said recently. He made the stark comments at the International Chiefs of Police Conference in San Diego, speaking before thousands of law enforcement officials from across the United States and overseas.

Disturbing: Thug Cop Shatters Windshield With Man’s Face

AFRICANGLOBE - An Ohio officer slammed a handcuffed Black man’s face into the windshield of a police cruiser so hard that the impact cracked the glass, according to newly released footage obtained by NBC affiliate WKYC. The video shows Pele Smith of Lorain, OH being escorted by multiple officers. Rather than putting Smith in the backseat, one of the officers shoves his face into the glass.

Video Shows Thug Cops Trying To Run Over Black Man Before...

AFRICANGLOBE - Newly released dashboard camera footage of Sacramento, California police running over a homeless, mentally disabled man is going viral. In the video, police are seen using their vehicles as weapons to take down 51-year-old Joseph Mann — a homeless black man with mental disabilities — in July of this year. “F*ck this guy,” one of the officers says in the video. “I’m going to hit him.”

Shocking Abuse: Man Tied Up And Put Inside A Body Bag...

AFRICANGLOBE - NYPD officers were caught on camera tying up a man before dumping him into a body bag and sealing it shut. An onlooker filmed the bizarre encounter in the West Village on March 18 and posted it to YouTube on Thursday.

Man Sentenced To 45 Years In Prison For Allegedly Killing Police...

AFRICANGLOBE - A 23-year-old Ohio man has been sentenced to 45 years in prison after exchanging gunfire with Canton police in January. This week, a judge sentenced Kelontre Barefield to be incarcerated for 11 years on multiple burglary charges and 34 years for the death of Jethro, a three-year-old German Shepherd who served as a member of the department’s K-9 unit. Both sentences are to be served consecutively.

One Third Of All Americans Killed By Strangers Are Killed By...

AFRICANGLOBE - Considering reports indicating the most rapidly growing threats in America today are theft and violence perpetrated by police, would we be safer without these agencies? The notion that public policing has failed us is a fact — not a statistic. But looking at the numbers may help us attain a better understanding of where they have failed and what led these institutions to pursue policies that not only incentivize crime but also create it out of thin air — so much so that police officers are at the top of the list of threats the common American faces today.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Slams U.S. For “Killing Black People”

AFRICANGLOBE - Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, has responded to “concerns” from the United States and the United Nations about his war on drugs in his country which has so far killed about 1,000 alleged drug lords. But Duterte says he is equally concerned about the killings of “Black people” in the U.S.

Ku Klux Cops Pepper-Spray 84-Year-Old Woman After Kicking Down Her Door

AFRICANGLOBE - Police kicked open an 84-year-old Oklahoma woman’s front door and pepper-sprayed her during a search for her son, who was being hunted after allegedly failing to stop at a stop sign. Police in the city of Muskogee, near Tulsa, released body camera footage of the incident that took place at about 2.30am on 7 August.