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U.N. Experts Horrified By The Treatment Of Black Children In American...

AFRICANGLOBE - American schools are hotbeds for racial discrimination, according to a preliminary report from a group of United Nations experts. The U.N.’s Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent traveled around the U.S. last month to learn more about the various structural barriers and challenges African-American face. The group, which plans to release its full report in September, has given the media its preliminary findings, including several recommendations about reducing inequality in the U.S. education system.

Anti-Racist Movement Threatened By American Intelligence Agencies And Police

AFRICANGLOBE - Intelligence agencies and law-enforcement departments made announcements last week saying that the Black Lives Matter movement was under surveillance for possible "terrorist" activity coinciding with the 14th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

America’s Establishment Shields Killer Cops

AFRICANGLOBE - The buildup of a militarized police force to occupy the cities is the ruling class’s response to the growth of popular opposition to its policies of war abroad and austerity at home. Far from doing anything to ameliorate mass poverty and inequality, America’s financial elite responds to any sign of opposition with overwhelming and murderous violence.

Hypocritical, Self Righteous America

AFRICANGLOBE - The racial upheavals in America, if not solved quickly and amicably, might escalate into a bloody, racial conflagration with more lives and property being lost, making a mockery of the self-righteousness of those who rule that country and regard themselves as a model society where human rights are observed and no one is discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion or creed.

The Police Tactic That Targets Black Americans For Simply Existing

AFRICANGLOBE - In a city in which Black people make up roughly 20 percent of the population, 59 percent of those detained for trespassing under this policy were Black. Perhaps even more telling is the fact that African-Americans are more than twice as likely as whites to be arrested, rather than simply ticketed

Time To Put An End To The Anti-Black Police State

AFRICANGLOBE - No person should have to live under the threat, fear or reality of criminalization from a neighbor, police officer or teacher. However, this threat is a reality for many young Black people in the United States.

The Twisted Politics Of White Resentment Is Our Real Police/Race Problem

AFRICANGLOBE - One April morning in 1973 a veteran police officer named Thomas Shea pulled his service revolver and blew away a young Black boy on a street in Jamaica, Queens. He shot the kid in the back. There was no chance of survival. Afterward, no one could figure out why the officer had done it. There was no reason for the shooting, no threat to Officer Shea of any kind. The boy’s name was Clifford Glover and he was 10 years old. Officer Shea was charged with murder but of course he was acquitted.

Do Not Stop The Protests Against Police Brutality

AFRICANGLOBE - The murders of the two NYPD officers were ghastly, but no group of Americans should be asked to stop exercising their Constitutional rights because of what occurred in Brooklyn. This is particularly true for Black Americans who have long been admonished to wait their turn. Black citizens are always expected to give up so much for a country that has given them so little. But, despite Saturday’s horrible events, Black lives stillmatter.

Racism And War In America And Beyond

AFRICANGLOBE - America’s ruling elites are blatant in their intentions of maintaining “white privilege” at home and economic dominance by military means abroad. The American sense of “manifest destiny”, accompanied by the “white man’s burden”, never truly faded into mere historical references. They are real notions that continue to exist and define “white privilege” at home, and military crusades outside.

Have NO Contact With Police – They Are Child Killers

AFRICANGLOBE- We were warned as young boys to have NO engagement with police, under NO circumstances. In the Nickerson Gardens Housing Projects, we would avoid any engagement with the police. Any time they would enter into our community, we would notify each and every individual in our community that they were present, because we knew what these predators were coming to do. Therefore, we established defense mechanisms against them and NO engagement was very effective.

Israel Must Free The Holot Prisoners

AFRICANGLOBE - It would be difficult to imagine a greater blow to Judaism than the shameless remark by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the protection of the human rights of African asylum seekers is harmful to the rights of the Jewish people (Netanyahu used the made-up word le’om – “nation”).

Ferguson And American Double Standards

AFRICANGLOBE - American police seem to have awesome powers when it comes to Black males. They can arbitrarily stop and frisk them. When they pull them over in cars, they can smash and drag them through the windows if they take too long to disembark, and make them lie face down on the dirty sidewalk or street if they deem it necessary.

U.S. Is A ‘Graveyard Of Human Rights’ Says North Korea

AFRICANGLOBE - "The US is indeed a country wantonly violating human rights where people are subject to discrimination and humiliation due to their race, and are in constant fear that they may get shot at any moment," said a spokesman for North Korea's foreign ministry.

Ebola, Human Rights And Poverty – Making The Connection

AFRICANGLOBE - The unimaginable suffering we are witnessing is in no way simply an inevitable result of the “natural” pathophysiology or epidemiology of the disease. It is not a coincidence that, in addition to the legacy of colonial exploitation, and pillaging by their own corrupt and unaccountable governments in recent history, Liberia and Sierra Leone are two countries that have been ravaged by brutal civil wars.

The Racial Crisis In American Society

AFRICANGLOBE - “The shooting of Michael Brown did not come out of the blue. Let’s not beat about the bush here. It came about through a deepening culture of unaccountable racism. And it’s not just about police racism. Obviously in Ferguson we’re looking at years of police repression targeted largely at Black people, but it goes deeper than that.”

Black Americans See Less Harmony With Police — And With Whites

AFRICANGLOBE - Nearly half (46 percent) of African Americans say they have "very little" confidence in the police to treat Blacks and Whites equally, according to a new USA Today/Pew Research Center poll.