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Africa Shows Progress on Hunger – Report

Africa has had more success than South Asia in tackling the problem of hunger over the past decade, according to a report on world...

African Land Sold in Last Decade Could Grow Enough Food to...

World Bank must freeze investments to protect poor people from land grabs Land eight times the size of the UK was sold off globally in...

Black Mauritanians in Senegal a Bitter Past

Black Mauritanian refugees who have been on hunger strike since June 19 in Dakar, Senegal saw a light at the end of the tunnel...

Northern Mali Facing Silent Crisis

While all eyes are on the ongoing political stalemate in Bamako, and the growing radicalism of groups such as Ansar Dine, Al-Qaeda in the...

Prisoners' Strike Against Torture in California Prisons Continues

The torture of prisoners in U.S. custody isn’t confined to foreign countries or Guantanamo Bay. For more than two weeks, inmates at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison have been on a hunger strike to protest torturous conditions in the Security Housing Unit (SHU) there. Prisoners have been held for years in solitary confinement, which can amount to torture.