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South Africa Pushes For Grand Inga Hydropower Project Go-Ahead

AFRICANGLOBE - The Grand Inga Hydropower project may prove to be South Africa's solution to the current and future energy challenges if the South African legislature ratifies the treaty on the energy scheme with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The multi- phase hydro power station has the potential to generate approximately 40,000MW, sufficient to power half of Africa.

Ethiopia Rejects Egypt Proposal On Nile As Dam Talks Falter

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia rejected a proposal that would guarantee Egypt the rights to most of the Nile River’s water, as disagreements cast doubt over future talks about Africa’s biggest hydropower project. The 6,000-megawatt Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Ethiopia’s Blue Nile River, set to be completed in 2017, has raised concern in Cairo that it will reduce the flow of the Nile, which provides almost all of Egypt’s water. The Blue Nile is the main tributary of the Nile.