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President Mugabe Salutes African Support

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe has saluted some African nations for standing by Zimbabwe despite pressure from Western countries compelling them to isolate the country. A few African countries, President Mugabe said, had at the last minute turned down invitations to visit Zimbabwe for fear of reprisals from powerful countries in Europe and America.

Mali Imposes National Military Service Amid Threat From Arab And Tuareg...

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali is to introduce compulsory national military service for men and women aged 18 to 35, the government announced, after clashes between northern Tuareg separatists and the army last month.

Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta and Mali’s Post Elections Challenges

AFRICANGLOBE - Today, 4 September 2013, the new president of Mali will be inaugurated. Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta was voted into office in August with an overwhelming majority. It had been a high-risk election, held against the background of a multidimensional crisis with regional consequences.

Lessons For Morgan Tsvangirai From Mali’s Soumaila Cisse

Like a jilted lover, the West is trying to arm-twist Zimbabweans into accepting what they think is right, just because it serves their interests. If democracy is government by the people, of the people, for the people, why do some politicians in Zimbabwe put Western interests ahead of the National Interest?

Keita Wins Mali Presidential Election After Rival Concedes Defeat

AFRICANGLOBE - Ibrahim Boubacar Keita won Mali's presidential election after his rival, Soumaila Cisse, conceded defeat late Monday. Cisse visited Keita at his home late Monday to congratulate him, later announcing he had done so on Twitter.

Malians Await Results In Presidential Poll

AFRICANGLOBE - Malians await the outcome of a presidential election run-off they hope will usher in a new era of peace in the West African nation - with international montiors reporting satisfaction with voting conditions.

Malians Vote In Presidential Run-off Election

AFRICANGLOBE - Many expect Former Prime Minister Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, who won 40% of the vote in the first round, to defeat ex-Finance Minister Soumaila Cisse as Malians head to the polls in a presidential run-off.