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How Jews Became White — And May Become Nonwhite Under Trump

AFRICANGLOBE - My parents were born in 1914, in an America that looked eerily like what Donald Trump seeks to re-create today. They grew up in the ’20s and ’30s, during the Great Depression, in a period when racism, anti-Semitism and anti-immigrant eugenic beliefs were widespread. Nativism and the belief that Northern and Western Europeans form an innately superior race were mainstream ideas. The masses of Jews and other Southern and Eastern European immigrants who became the foot soldiers of America’s industrial revolution were despised as lesser, not-quite-white races.

Is Egypt African?

AFRICANGLOBE - Whereas the new regime of President Mursi says it is inclusive, it is troubling that the draft Egyptian constitution says in its first article that Egypt is 'Islamic' and 'Arab' and is 'related' to Africa. An Egyptian TV anchor says: "The elected Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi is attending the African Union's 19th Presidents Summit". What are the connotations of this piece of news in the present Egyptian context?

Israel to African Immigrants: ‘You’re Not Welcome Here’

There’s a problem in Israel, and for once it doesn’t have much to do with Palestine. Instead, right-wing Israelis have found a new target:...

South Africa’s Apartheid Museum

Johannesburg's Apartheid Museum, assembled by a multi-disciplinary team of architects, curators, film-makers, historians and designers, takes the visitor on a powerful emotional journey into...

Africans Unite! Ethiopians Unite!

AFRICANGLOBE - The process of unifying a people is difficult and the road to unity is often littered with the debris of historical grievances, rancor and bitterness. That road must be repaved and repaired with good will and new values of dignity and equality in a genuine understanding of a common humanity. The search for and achievement of unity does not happen overnight, nor does unity by itself solve all problems. But where there is unity among the people, they are in a much better position to resolve disputes and solve problems. Where there is unity, the disagreement is never about the destination, only about the paths to be taken to that destination.

Census: Hispanics Fuel White Population Rise

In a twist to notions of race identity, new 2010 census figures show an unexpected reason behind a renewed growth in the U.S. white population: More Hispanics listing themselves as white in the once-a-decade government count.

Ivory Coast: Both Sides Responsible for War Crimes and Crimes Against...

Alassane Ouattara's failure to condemn these acts could be seen as a green light by many of his security forces and other armed elements fighting with them to continue