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‘Beasts Of No Nation’ The Latest Hollywood Propaganda Piece On Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Why is it that whenever a movie about Africa gets Oscar-buzz or makes it on an international level, it almost always is directed and produced by non-Africans, and about war, disease, or corruption? Is that really all Africa has to offer? Or is that all anybody wants to see?

Cut Out This Mandela Hypocrisy!

AFRICANGLOBE- “OH, please!” This could well be anybody’s reaction on the news last week that a biopic of the former South African president Nelson Mandela would be specially screened for the consumption of US President Barrack Obama at the White House.

Nelson Mandela Movie to Open in South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Nelson Mandela was amused by the elaborate makeup process a British actor went through to play him in a film based on his autobiography, the movie's producer said Saturday of a special screening for the former South African president last year.