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Did Illinois Prison Guards Murder This Black Inmate?

AFRICANGLOBE - Larry Earvin died from blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen, the death certificate from Clinton County in southern Illinois said. The 65-year-old Earvin sustained 15 rib fractures and two dozen or more abrasions, hemorrhages and lacerations. Surgery to remove a portion of his bowel appears to have followed the injury, the report says.

The Top Ten Worst States In America To Raise Black Children

AFRICANGLOBE - All children deserve a good education and an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and reach their goals in life. But for many Black children, finding the support they need in order to become successful in life doesn't always come easy. In fact, much of it depends on where they live. Here are the top 10 worst states in which to raise Black children.

No Charges For Police Officer Who Shot Illinois Teen Twice In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Prosecutors announced Thursday that they would not bring criminal charges against the Zion, Illinois police officer who shot 17-year-old Justus Howell twice in the back April 4, killing him.

Oscar Micheaux: An Early African American Filmmaker

AFRICANGLOBE - The long history of African American film is almost a national secret. Oscar Micheaux has been the most astonishing early independent Black filmmaker, renown for his great contributions to a film genre that was termed race films. He has wrote, directed, produced and distributed forty-four films between 1918 and 1948. Twenty-four of these films were feature length. His last feature film was 'Betrayal," released in 1948.