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African Asylum Seekers Murdered By ISIS Were Forced Out Of Israel...

AFRICANGLOBE - Three Eritrean asylum seekers who were pushed out of Israel by the government during the past year have been murdered by ISIS in Libya. The three African asylum seekers were likely kidnapped with a group of Christian Ethiopians who were then executed by ISIS, which reportedly released a gruesome video of the execution Sunday.

Israel Continues To Mistreat Africans, Despite High Court Order

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel's Interior Ministry’s Population, Immigration and Border Authority announced on Monday morning that it had ceased summoning asylum seekers to the Holot detention facility, but its officials have continued to order Africans to the facility. The authority is also refusing to cancel summonses given out after the High Court of Justice ruled that the Holot center must be closed within 90 days.

Israel’s New Strategy: Classify Eritrean Refugees as Ethiopians to Deport Them

In recent months, the state of Israel has increased its efforts to expel Eritrean, Sudanese and other African citizens. Most of the effort is focused on convincing migrants to sign controversial 'consent' forms stating they agree to return. Another method is to classify Eritreans as Ethiopian, in spite of their insistence that they are Eritrean.