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France Must Pay Restitution to Haiti: President François Hollande’s Forthcoming State...

africanglobe - In 1825, French ruler King Charles X offered to recognize Haiti’s independence on the condition that the new Black Republic pays 150 million gold francs in ransom. The extorted bounty was distributed to white slave holders for the loss of “property” they claim to have suffered as a result of the abolitionist Haitian Revolution.

The Impact Of Caribbean Culture On North America

AFRICANGLOBE - In his arrogance and in his ambition, Napoleon believed that after his successful campaign in Haiti he would send his troops to Louisiana which belonged to France "to restore French power in the transatlantic region and thereby raise new money for his even wider imperial design." There was no such luck there. The might of the Haitian army put an end to that ambition. As a direct consequence of his defeat in Haiti, Napoleon sold Louisiana to the United States for a pittance to extricate himself from that disaster. In other words, it was because of the heroic struggle of Caribbean people that the United States was able to purchase Louisiana in 1803.