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Africa: Rich Presidents Poor Nations

AFRICANGLOBE - Recently some presidents in Africa have featured in media headlines not for their heroic accomplishments as leaders but for robbing their nations and siphoning their ill-gotten gains to safe havens.

South Africa: Check – For The Lies & More Damn Lies

AFRICANGLOBE - President Jacob Zuma will have South Africans believe the gap between rich and poor is narrowing. Tim Harris, the opposition's shadow minister of finance, said the gap is widening and the president is talking nonsense. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Thanks to a new fact-checking service called Africa Check, people who love the truth can find out.

Foreign Companies See Big Money-Making Opportunities in Africa

Drawn by the chance to make significant return on investment, foreign companies from the U.S. and Europe are flocking to countries in Africa looking for opportunities...

Foreign Fishing Fleets Depleting African Fish Stocks

Samuel Diouf is one of hundreds of Senegalese making a living through artisanal fishing. The 20-year-old trades his daily catch at the Hann Bay...

The US Poverty Report and the Obama “Recovery”

The poverty report released Wednesday by the US Census Bureau is another shattering refutation of the Obama Administration’s claims to be overseeing an economic...

U.S. Census: One Third Of U.S. Population Now In Poverty

AFRICANGLOBE - One hundred million US residents—one third of the US population—live in households with perilously low incomes, according to a recent report from the US Census Bureau. The shocking figures were derived from the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM), an alternate measure of poverty and income that was released in November.

Aspire To Get Out Of Living Hand-To-Mouth

AFRICANGLOBE - Some people cannot sit still until they have spent all their money. Well, they should know they are going to be bound by employment forever if they go on like that. For those who aspire to condemn themselves to a less than desirable financial situation, living one pay-cheque away from poverty can be accomplished in a number of ways.

American Nightmare: Will It Take "Riots" For Republicans And Big Business...

There's so much cash out there that a recent Wall Street Journal article reported that Bank of New York Mellon, instead of paying out interest, was set to start charging companies a fee for any new deposits in excess of $50 million.

Namibia Shows the Way in Community Based Tourism

Namibia has a good model to follow, as communities are the key in benefiting from the country's natural resources. We (Botswana) want to see the money go to the benefit of the communities