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Zimbabwe’s Revolution: The Hard Lessons

AFRICANGLOBE - That the ousted White commercial farmers and their confederates in Western imperial circles are opposed to the economic empowerment of Zimbabweans is not a matter of debate anymore, and from a purely capitalist point of view the indignation on their part is quite understandable.

Why Western Sanctions On Zimbabwe Backfired

AFRICANGLOBE - What angers many Africans, however, is that Mugabe’s overwhelming re-election this past July has done so little to change attitudes in the West. Britain and the United States insist the election was rigged but offer no convincing evidence to show that.

President Mugabe Warns Against Foreign Interference

AFRICANGLOBE -President Mugabe has said he will not accept foreign interference during elections later this year. In an address to mark 33 years of Zimbabwean independence on Thursday, President Mugabe welcomed recent efforts by Western nations to reopen dialogue