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Eritrea – Crying Wolf While Destabilizing The Horn Of Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Eritrea's independence was regarded as a welcome event heralding a new era of peace, democracy and development. Unfortunately, it took only a few short years before the behaviour of the new state dashed the high hopes of 1993.

Zambia Celebrates 50th Anniversary Of Independence

AFRICANGLOBE - Zambia celebrated the 50th anniversary of its independence on Friday without President Michael Sata, who left the country last weekend for medical treatment at an undisclosed destination abroad.

How The British Planted The Seed Of Disunity In Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria is a land of superlative potential with its immense richness in agriculture, minerals and human resources. In 1960, when it won its independence from the British, it was the beacon of the continent. Today, Nigeria is touted as the symbol of post-colonial African failure by Western journalists and authors. But Africa’s most populous land was programmed by the British colonisers to fail, argues Adebola Adeoye.

Happy Birthday Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - World leaders congratulated Zimbabwe on the occasion to mark its 34th Independence Day today as hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans from all walks of life gather at various centres across the country to commemorate the event.

Anthills Of The Savannah

Things Fall Apart is legendary Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe's most popular novel. However, my favorite work of his is Anthills Of The Savannah. An anthill,...

Namibia: Roads Toward Prosperity

Even though Namibia decries the 'upper middle-income country' World Bank classification - which simply classifies Namibia as a well-to-do country - recent completed infrastructural...

South Sudan Celebrates Year of Independence

South Sudan on Monday put aside warnings by foreign pessimists over stability and the economic viability of their nation, the world's newest, to celebrate...

South Sudan Set to Acquire Anti-Aircraft Missile Defense Systems

South Sudan will soon acquire anti-aircraft missiles to defend its territory against air attacks it says are frequently carried out by warplanes from neighbouring...

Kenyan Judges Becoming More Assertive

On Friday, May 20, 2011 campaigns for Kenya's Kamukunji region's by-election were in top gear. It was just two days to the election, and the Interim Independent Electoral Commission had completed its preparations. The candidates were doing their final campaigning. An expectant nation awaited the outcome of another bruising battle between the two coalition parties PNU and ODM.

Arab North Now Escalating its Aggression by Bombing Southern Villages

Civilians in south Sudan say jets from the north are launching attacks on villages close to the border. We have obtained exclusive pictures of the village of Jaw after it was allegedly bombed by the Sudanese air force. Among the dead are women and children