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Why Zanzibar Can Become Africa’s Dubai

AFRICANGLOBE - Zanzibar and Dubai share some resemblances so striking that Zanzibar could become Africa’s equivalent of Dubai. Geographically, both lie on coastal areas surrounded by giant masses of water, this makes both regions excellent hubs for shipping exports and imports.

Tracing the Arab/Muslim Trade of Enslaved Africans in the Indian Ocean

AFRICANGLOBE - David Livingston, the English explorer, is unjustly given a lot of credit for halting or ending the slave trade in East Africa, but according to my guide Livingston’s maps made it easier for the Arabs to penetrate the “interior” and that after the British abolished slavery, the Arabs continued at the Mangapwani Caves located about “20km north of Zanzibar Town along the coast.”

African Countries Getting Robbed Blind In Gas Deals

AFRICANGLOBE - As Mozambique and Tanzania gear up to become leading exporters of gas to Asian hyper-economies across the Indian Ocean, there are major lessons they can learn about pricing, management and transparency from Nigeria and Ghana. Both countries have seen recent hard-hitting reports critical of pricing, procurement, and the management of gas revenues.

Mega Lamu Project: Kenya’s Gateway to Africa

A new transport corridor through northern Kenya would make many happy: South Sudan wants access to the Indian Ocean and the Nairobi government wants...