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India Wants To Execute 119 Somalis After Kidnapping And Accusing Them...

AFRICANGLOBE - Somali protesters have expressed outrage over reports emerging in India that 50 out of 119 kidnapped Somalis suspected of being pirates could face the death penalty at the end of an ongoing show trial. The Times of India reported on Friday that 119 alleged Somali pirates nabbed by the Indian coast guard and navy between 2011 and 12 had pleaded guilty to offences brought against them.

Ghanaians Want This Statue Of Black People Hater Mahatma Ghandi Removed

AFRICANGLOBE - A former Director of the Institute of African Studies, Professor Akosua Adomako Ampofo, has started a campaign asking for the removal of the statue of Indian independence icon, Mahatma Ghandi, from the University of Ghana campus. Prof Adomako Ampofo is urging members of the University of Ghana Council to heed her petition arguing among other things that, Ghandi was racist against Black people and honoring him set the wrong example for students.

Indians Continue Their Assault On Africans Tying Up And Beating Nigerian...

AFRICANGLOBE - Disturbing videos and pictures of an African woman being tied up by the Indian police have surfaced online. The lady, who is likely a student, can be seen in the video tied up with her arms behind her back by Indian authorities, ostensibly in a bid to restrain her. There are almost daily incident of Africans in India being beaten, murdered and raped by these backward, hairy cow worshiping, hate mongers simply for being African.