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Florida Thug Cop Who Killed Stranded Motorist Found Guilty

AFRICANGLOBE - A Florida police officer was found guilty of manslaughter and attempted murder Thursday for fatally shooting a stranded Black motorist, becoming the first officer in the state to be convicted of an on-duty shooting in 30 years.

Indians Held Hostage After Refusing To Pay Ethiopian Workers

AFRICANGLOBE - India’s foreign ministry is investigating claims by expatriates in Ethiopia who say they are being held hostage by local staff that haven’t been paid after the financier Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd. began defaulting on $12.6 billion in debt.

Asians In Kenya Want Recognition As The Country’s 44th Tribe

AFRICANGLOBE - Asians in Kenya have asked the government to recognize them as the country’s 44th ethnic community. The group said President Uhuru Kenyatta should do what he did to the Makonde in Kwale after they were recognized as the country’s 43rd community when they complained of decades of marginalization.

The Horrific Everyday Racist Treatment Of Africans Abroad

AFRICANGLOBE - Many Africans leave their majority Black countries with naïve notions of race and racism, and the realisation that someone else sees them as less than human simply because of the colour of their skin is an extreme culture shock. The stories we hear are of everyday racist treatment, yet we rarely hear any African government raising hell to protect the wellbeing of their citizens. Here are just a few of the more recent stories, one of which just happened in India.