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White-Businesses Panic As Namibia Pushes Black Empowerment Bill

AFRICANGLOBE - White-owned businesses in Namibia are pondering over whether to leave the country or stay and take court action to fight a new government indigenisation and economic empowerment bill which, if approved as expected, would require them to sell 25% ownership to “Previously Disadvantaged Peoples (PDPs)”.

How Africa Can Own Its Resources: The Zimbabwe Example

AFRICANGLOBE - I think we should ask ourselves the question: Why is Zimbabwe such a major issue for some people? Zimbabwe is a small country by any standard; there is no particular reason why Zimbabwe should be a matter to which The New York Times, the London Guardian and whoever else . . . why are they paying so much attention to Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwean Govt Plans to Seize Foreign Owned Firms

AFRICANGLOBE - The ZANU PF led Empowerment Ministry is planning to legalise the unpaid takeover of foreign owned companies in Zimbabwe, in the latest push in the country's indigenisation campaign.

Indigenisation: Diamond Firm Gives Up 51% Stake To Zimbabweans

Murowa Diamonds has agreed to surrender 51 percent stake in line with the Zimbabwean Government’s Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment regulations.

Zimplats to Submit New Indigenisation Proposal to Zimbabwean Govt

Zimbabwe's leading platinum miner Zimplats has requested for more time to prepare a compliant indigenisation plan in line with the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act after its initial proposal was rejected.